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artificial intelligence

wikis definitions of neural networks:
artificial intelligence#Neural networks
artificial neural network

in our opinion the best approach to achieving REAL INTELLIGENCE is is currently worked out by jeff hawkins and NUMENTA for anybody interested in artificial intelligence being familiar with their theoretical model is an absolute must. enjoy their website and articles!

general articles on trading

a collection of useful articles and essays covering various aspects of trading in general and FOREX trading in particular.

money management

forex money management
how to manage your money in forex
top 10 forex money management tips

trading psychology

the importance of trading psychology and discipline
great collection of trading articles in general and trading psychology by brett steenbarger
excellent essay on trading psychology: trading psychology

correlation tables

at nFX we used these correlation tables to determine which pair to trade - currently AUDNZD - and to struture the input factors for our neural networks. we strongly recomment that you check these correlations before you start trading.
correlations determine your trading environment!

correlation calculator
forex market correlation