risk & return

the best measure to judge an investment (opportunity) is the comparison of risk and (expected) return. in finance lingo: risk-adjusted return 

at nfx we recommend to our clients to trade with a daily risk exposure of 3% or less. the results we publish on this website are based on 3%. to be exact: 3% of account value correspond to 100 pips. 


track record (.XLS) & risk

at track record you can download our result sheet in xls-format. field “C10” of this sheet sets our risk exposure to 3%. this field is active and you can experiment with different values and watch the effect various risk levels have on the trading account. 

please keep in mind that these effects also work to the downside. risk levels above 3% can become very dangerous when trades don’t turn out as well as desired. so whenever you come across huge profit claims on financial website, please don’t forget to check the risk involved.

this relation between risk & return is the major benchmark for determining performance!

in case you are looking for aud/nzd quotes and historical databases we recommend to visit: investing.com/currencies/aud-nzd this quote site should provide you with with every piece of data on aud/nzd which you might need to analyze our results, risk etc.


position size / leverage

a useful instrument for risk adjustment is a so called position size calculator 

when trading currencies risk exposure can be set exactly to a certain desired value, unless slippage occurs due to high volatility. in practical trading this can more or less be ignored.