neural AUDNZD signal service

after subscribing to our signal service you will receive one neural AUDNZD trading signal per day. it will be sent out between 10pm - 11pm CET to your email account(s) and/or to your mobile phone via text message.

our currency prediction is a clear BUY/SELL signal including exit limit and stop loss. (see the sample below). to help you get familiar with executing our daily forecast we offer a 1 month trial for €10.- (full product & support, 80% off regular price)

your job is to execute the trade immediately upon receipt of the signal. we also recommend to set the exit limit stated in our forecast. as regards stop loss please read the following article which i published a while ago: Why NOT to SET stop losses in FX trading


FOREX trading signal for friday, 2017-09-22:

current entry quote: 1.0850
stop loss: 1.0790 (60 pips)
exit limit: 1.0930 (80 pips)

FOREX signal results for thursday, 2017-09-21:

open: 1.0920
close: 1.0850
result: 70

in case of an intraday change in trade setup you will also be informed via email and text message. these changes may concern a variation in leverage or a change in stop loss.

you will also receive any assistance or coaching you ask for in the course of trading our signals: