trading results

results achieved by trading one AUDNZD contract daily. signal sent out between 11-12pm CET. valid for 24h until receipt of next signal. easy to execute. no need for monitoring. 

  • trading profit: +383% / >100% p.a.
  • signal accuracy: 77% (40 months traded / 31 positive)
  • risk exposure strategy: 3-4% per trade (50 - 80 pips) / no trailing stops
  • take profit limit: 80 - 130 pips
  • to adjust risk exposure according to your needs simply change leverage - do not alternate stop loss / take profit
  • to test the system in realtime & verify our results we offer a 1 month trial for €10.- with full support via email or phone 

the table below displays contract details of the last 60 trading days. to downloadour complete trading history in xls-format please click nFX track record

neuralFX results
results of the last 60 days
date open close result days pips ∑ pips account %