neural AUDNZD signal service

sign up for 1 month trial signals (€10.-)


1) whatsapp/signal/tel: 0043 664 3969079 

2) mail to: (name, mobile phone, country)

3) neuralFX online form


signal mail/text messages

  • neural aud/nzd trading instruction for the next 24h
  • easy to execute & no need to monitor markets
  • exit level / limit order 
  • optional: stop loss order 
  • trading result of the previous day

we strongly advise you to test several brokers and trading platforms until you feel comfortable and secure when placing your trade. 

our daily neural aud/nzd trading signal is sent out to our clients between 11-12pm cet from monday-friday. each signal is valid until receipt of the follow up signal 24h later. signals are unconditional and clear buy/sell instructions. trading orders are expected to be placed immediately upon receipt of forecasts.

the trading results which we publish on this website are achieved by this strict 24h daytrading strategy specialized on aud/nzd exclusively. 

€10.- trial payment via PAYPAL / bank transfer upon request

during your 1 month trial period you will receive the full product and also our support via email or phone. if you become a regular client, your trial fee of €10.- will be deducted from your first regular subscription payment. CHECK YOUR SPAM FOLDER 24h after sign up!